Bring family and friends together when they're needed most
Nui helps gather family and friends and encourage them to offer practical care for those they love. Tasks are assembled in a single, simple overview, immediately clarifying how, what, when and where each person can contribute, eliminating stress, and ensuring care is constant.
More than just a group chat
With Nui, you can manage tasks and appointments, express appreciation, or simply update everyone who helps care for your loved one. With Nui, everybody can be involved all the time.
A constant, caring environment
Nui gives everyone the knowledge and tools they need to help care for a loved one – and whenever you need more help, Nui is there.
"I want to stay in my home!"
By making quality care more constant and manageable, Nui enables the loved one you care for to stay in their own home as long as possible. Nui monitors their physical or mental well-being and where possible, alerts carers to potential risks to their physical and mental well-being.
An essential assistant
Nui gathers family and friends to care for a loved one.
of care

Nui helps to organise responsibilities, and keep everyone informed.
Effortless planning
Nui monitors the mobility and well-being of your loved one, and reduces risks.
at home

Closer, stronger, better informed
Nui helps to create and nurture a loving, well-organised and informed community of care for your loved one. What can be more important than that?
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